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  • Wimbledon victory! Outstanding Simona Halep cleans Serena Williams

    Wimbledon victory! Outstanding Simona Halep cleans Serena Williams

    Simona Halep has won her first Wimbledon title thanks to an impressive performance. She defeated Serena Williams 6: 2 and 6: 2 and thwarted the 24th Major title of the US-American.

    “She’s gotta moooooove Serena around!”
    Moving Serena Williams: It seems to be the big secret to have a chance of success. Whereby Tracy Austin, ex-number 1 and commentator of the BBC, so that no “top secret” unpacked – the big task is more likely to get it at all.
    Simona Halep had the game and the leg work to it , that also seemed clear to all – if she would try to stand close to the field, to take the balls early, to run herself a lot, to always give Williams a ball, with good length. .. Because otherwise? Would it be tight.

    Halep rolls over Williams at the beginning 

    Halep got off to a dream start: 16 of the first 22 points went to the Romanian, who began waiting, distributing the balls easily and profiting from Williams’ mistakes. In the game to 3: 0, she used her good legs, a forehand from the emergency answered with a longline shot, this first highlight rally, she then decided with a backhand from the run for themselves.
    Unlike Williams, Halep did not seem nervous at all in her first Wimbledon final, taking advantage of her secure early phase to make it 4-0 in just 12 minutes. Williams, however, remained calm, in the style of a champion, ran with a zero-clearance game and then punished Halep’s weak second serves. However, a break chance defended the Romanian and made it 5: 1.
    Afterwards, the American dominated, but Halep dug two back hands to the chagrin of Williams fantastic – and took passage one.

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