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  • The greats of LaLiga encourage the market

     The greats of LaLiga encourage the market

    THodaviah market is far ahead, but today can be said that the big teams are Laliga animators at European level as signings are concerned. And Antoine Griezmann has only accentuated it.

    Real Madrid , Barcelona and Atlético are, in that order, the three teams that have spent the most, with Sevilla , another LaLiga team, in sixth position. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern appear between Atlético and Sevilla , while Roma , Aston Villa , Manchester City and Inter all appear behind the Seville squad .
    The 120 million paid by Griezmann put Barcelona second in the ranking, with 235 million spent, still behind the 303 million carried by Real Madrid. The azulgrana box has advanced to the Athletic one, that at the moment has paid 207 million Euros in signings.

    The three big ones of LaLiga are the only teams in Europe that have surpassed the 200 million expense . Of course, of these three, Atlético is the only one that has a positive balance between purchases and sales, since it has sold no less than 311 million euros . Barça, meanwhile, has taken 106 million in sales, and Madrid 115 .
    The Seville , with Monchi again in the lead, has already spent 111.5 million in what we have market (has sold for 48 million so far). It is surprising that the list does not include teams like PSG , Manchester United or any other English team besides City, but there is still almost a month of market for the Premier and more than a month and a half for most of the leagues.

    Names like Neymar , Coutinho , Pogba or Maguire can dynamite the market and provoke a domino effect and the money starts to move in several directions. But for now, the big signings have the LaLiga teams as protagonists.

    § Real Madrid, 303 million euros
    § Barcelona, ​​235 million euros
    § Atlético de Madrid, 207 million euros
    § Borussia Dortmund, 127.5 million euros
    § Bayern, 118 million euros
    § Seville, 111.5 million euros
    § Rome, 95 million euros
    § Aston Villa, 93.10 million euros
    § Manchester City, 90 million euros
    § Inter, 85.5 million euros

    Joao Felix, Griezmann and Hazard

    Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético also star in the three most expensive signings (Joao Félix, Griezmann and Hazard). the fifth most expensive (De Jong ) and the seventh ( Jovic ). In addition, Atlético has made three of the six most expensive sales of the current summer market (Griezmann, Lucas Hernández and Rodri ).

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