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  • Bad breath Tips against bad breath

    Bad breath: Tips against bad breath

    Five quick tips  

    So you get rid of bad breath

    Bad breath is embarrassing for sufferers. Halitosis is easy to treat. Not all aids should be used without medical advice. 
    He is unpleasant, feared and still a taboo subject: the bad breath . An estimated six percent of Germans are affected.Exact numbers do not exist, because only a few people seek professional help from the doctor . Bad breath is usually curable – if you know the cause.

    That’s why we have halitosis

    Most bacteria are the trigger for bad breath. They frolic in the back of the tongue and metabolize components of what you eat. This produces volatile sulfur compounds, explains Prof. Sebastian Paris of the Institute of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Berlin Charité. And anyone who has ever smelled sulfur, knows: The smell is not nice. 

    Measure the bad breath

    People who smell constantly or very often unpleasantly from the mouth, suffer from halitosis. The Dusseldorf dentist  Sebastian Michaelis says: “When halitosis starts exactly is hard to define, because the sensations of smell are very subjective, and we find interesting cases in which the bad breath is smelling at a distance that restricts those affected in social life.”
    Michaelis co-founded the working group Halitosis of the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGZMK) and offers a halitosis consultation in his practice. There it is first checked whether a patient actually has halitosis. With special devices, sulfur compounds can be measured in the breath. The best instrument is still the nose, as Michaelis says. When the dentist detects a noticeable smell, he goes in search of the source.

    The bad breath does not come from the stomach

    Many people believe that the typical rotten smell comes from the stomach . But that is practically never the case, explains Michaelis. Only a few sufferers have a general medical problem. These may be protuberances of the esophagus or certain liver and kidney diseases.
    Even with a bowel obstruction, bad breath can come. In this case, the intestinal contents accumulate in the stomach. Bad breath after droppings is the result. In such a case, however, other symptoms such as fever, nausea and pain of the affected areas occur. If in doubt, you should consult a doctor. 

    Most of the causes are in the mouth

    Almost always – in about 90 percent of cases – the causes are in the mouth. Mostly bacteria that sit between the teeth, in deep gum pockets or under wobbly dentures, the reasons for halitosis, about in the morning. With the right treatment, the bad breath can be eliminated quickly.
    If the teeth are not cleaned well, then the bacteria also multiply on the teeth and form a biofilm, the so-called plaque. If the bacteria decompose saliva or food remains, volatile sulfur compounds can develop and thus the typical halitosis.

    Even the nose and throat area can be to blame

    If the dentist does not find anything, the next route leads to the ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT). Because there is the second most common cause of foul breath: in the nasopharynx. “Chronic sinusitis or accumulation of bacteria on the tonsils can produce a bad odor from the mouth and nose,” says Thomas Deitmer, Director of the Otolaryngology Department at the Dortmund Hospital. Also in these cases one tries to eliminate the smell by treating the basic problem.
    But that’s not always easy. If the cause is almonds, surgery is likely to help, but one can not promise one hundred percent, says Deitmer. In addition, an tonsillectomy is always associated with a certain risk of complications. For example, rebleeding may occur. “It must therefore be weighed individually with the patient, whether he wants to take because of halitosis this risk in purchasing,” says the ENT doctor.

    Prevent bad breath

    To prevent foul-smelling breath, advises Christoph Benz, board member of the Bayerische Landeszahnärztekammer, twice daily to brush the teeth . Once in combination with flossing or interdental brushing (preferably in the evening) and cleaning the tongue, as there are many bacteria on the back of the tongue.
    “But you should do that with caution,” recommends the dentist. Frequently, the tongue scrapers, which are now available in all drugstores to buy, applied with too much force. Under certain circumstances, too much scrubbing causes bacteria to enter the bloodstream.  

    Antibacterial mouthwash only after consultation with the doctor

    It is also recommended to drink a lot, because in a dry mouth bad-smelling bacteria can multiply better. In addition, it is best to remove the hard plaque once or twice a year from the dentist. 
    However, antibacterial mouthwashes should only be used after consultation with the dentist, Benz recommends.Because too frequent rinsing could get the bacteria balance in the mouth mixed up.

    Self-tests are not reliable

    If you pay attention to good oral hygiene, but still believe that you can smell bad from the mouth, ask your friends or your dentist. Self-tests – such as smelling the own saliva – are not reliable, according to the experts.
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    Often, the fear of bothering other people with his breath is completely unfounded. As Christoph Benz reports, many patients who come to the halitosis office hours have no bad breath.

    Five quick tips against bad breath

    ·         A home remedy for bad breath is sage tea: rinse your mouth with it. The ingredients are supposed to help against bad breath. 
    ·         Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
    ·         Drink enough sugar-free liquid – preferably water.
    ·         Use floss in the evening and use it to clean the interdental spaces.
    ·         Allow possible diseases in the mouth and throat to heal well.

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