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  • Jump rope workout for begginers

    Jump rope that is essential for training to enhance the “fat burning” effect

    If you want to effectively burn fat with HIIT (high intensity interval training) training, skipping rope is recommended.

     HIIT (high intensity interval training) training that works on calorie consumption and fat burning, but those who want to further increase the effect should start “jumping rope”.

    And this means, “It’s not necessary to do it on the day you plan to train at the gym.” The most efficient way to do this training is to do it on a day without weight training.

    Jumping rope is extremely effective as an aerobic exercise

     Jumping rope is extremely effective as an aerobic exercise. According to one study, “10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging”. Experts say about the benefits of skipping rope, “It will also lead to heart health with training that uses the entire body.”

     If you want to jump rope, it is better to incorporate it into HIIT.

     Perhaps that menu will be hellish training. But there is no doubt that in time, you can finish in less time than spending time on a treadmill to consume the same calories. However, be careful if you overdo the HIIT. In particular, if you have regular weight training habits, HIIT should be done once a week.
     You all know that rope jumping is simply “not just jumping on the spot.” The variation is much more. If you use these effectively and add accents to your training, you should also have more fun than it does (laughs).

    From here, let’s introduce four effective HIIT trainings that use skipping rope and weight.

     Try to fly as much as you can in the appropriate form in a given time. Each circuit is repeated five times (please refer to the video for each technique by all means).

    We will provide you with advice that is full of good intentions. According to a number of surveys, “about 80% of ” Decision of the New Year ” has already turned into a resignation by the beginning of February .” Many of the contents of that determination are related to diet.

     But there is no need to give up! Here is an introduction to the calorie burning method, where fishing costs 1000 yen. It is a “jump rope”. 
     It is widely known that skipping rope is extremely effective as an exercise to improve cardiopulmonary function. Jumping for only a few minutes a day will tighten your body. Cardiovascular examination results after 10 weeks of 10-minute jumps per day have shown that it has been as effective as those who jogged for 30 minutes every day .  
     Equivalent results could be obtained in less time. So, just jumping up and down this exercise is a more efficient workout than running on the sidewalk. 
     It has also been found out that keeping a calm pace and performing rope skipping is equivalent to running a mile (about 1.6 km) in 8 minutes. It is a workout that can burn more calories per minute and gain more muscle per minute, compared to swimming or boating, even though it is a less stressful exercise. 

    “The health benefits of skipping rope are immeasurable,” said Jeremiah Maestre, a New York City rumble boxing trainer and a boxer himself. 

    “I can increase the strength of the cardiovascular system, and I can train my muscles, shoulders, arms, and legs at once …”

     The fact that the effect spreads throughout the body is the best point of a workout using rope jumping. 

    “Of course it has a positive effect on the heart,” said Dr. Peter Schulmann, associate professor of cardiology and respiratory disease at the University of Connecticut Medical Center in Farmington, one of the world’s largest medical information sites  . 

    “I can train my upper and lower body and burn more calories for a short time.”

    Is it your first time skipping rope? First of all, get a standard and affordable rope jump and find your own rhythm. 

    “Let’s start flying in a simple way-starting with jumping on both legs simultaneously, then alternating one leg at a time, then jumping one leg, lifting the knee high and jumping, and this is a double jump. You may also want to increase your creativity with a jump (Chris Cross), try combining different types of jumps, if the rhythm is disturbed, don’t move the hand-held rope and use only the toe Let’s repeat, “says Maestre. 

     You don’t need much skill, budget or space to do an effective rope workout. You can have a good session when you want to do it in the garage, hotel room, park, corner of the office, anywhere. If even 15 minutes can be extracted, let’s try the “jump rope circuit” of Maestre’s “Shinden”.

     Introduce the “Jump Rope Circuit”

     As with boxing, it combines a 3-minute round and a 1-minute break between each round. We decide how many rounds we will do, but we will keep jumping for at least three rounds, with a one-minute break. Alternate high needs (thigh-lifting jumps), single-leg jumps (single-footed jumps), regular skipping, two-footed jumps (double-footed jumps), side-to-side jumps (side-to-side jumps), crisp crosses, And double under (double jump). Please do your best to be creative while switching, and not to stop. ※ War out time: 12 minutes in the
     last 30 seconds of each round, seek the intensity and speed with the formation of double under (double jump), high needs (thigh lifting), and Chris Cross (Ayabi). Even if it fails, there is only continuation! 

    “I’m not perfect, so I can not fail. In such a case, I keep jumping with my toe and keeping it easy to return to the flow,” said Maestre. 

    Jump Rope Workout Plans

    [1] Basic-Easy

    -Normal jump 20 seconds 
    -Break 10 seconds 
    -Right foot jump 20 seconds 
    -Break 10 seconds 
    -Left foot jump 20 seconds 
    -Break-10 seconds 
    -High knee jump (12 of the movie) 20 seconds 
    -Break 10 seconds 
    -1 minute break

    Total training time: 17 minutes 30 seconds

    [2] Jack & Squat-Normal

    -Jump rope jack (10 of video)-20 seconds 
    -10 seconds of rest 
    -self squat-20 seconds 
    -10 seconds 
    of side to side jump-4 seconds of side to side jump- 
    10 seconds of rest-10 seconds 
    of alternate self-weighted lounge 20 seconds 
    ・ Break 10 seconds 
    ・ Jump rope Jack 20 seconds 
    ・ Break 10 seconds 
    ・ 1 minute break Total training time: 17 minutes 30 seconds

    【3】 The Fighter-Hard

    ・ Boxer step (3 of video) 30 seconds 
    ・ break 10 seconds 
    ・ off step jump (2 of video) 30 seconds 
    ・ break 10 seconds 
    ・ Chris cross jump (16 of video) 30 seconds 
    ・ break 10 seconds 
    ・ hi knee jump 30 seconds 
    break 10 seconds 
    boxer step 30 seconds 
    break 10 seconds 
    1 minute break Total training time: 25 minutes

    [4] Skip magedon-super hard

    ・ Chrisscross jump 45 seconds 
    ・ Breaking 15 seconds 
    ・ Backwards jump (44 of video) 45 seconds 
    ・ Breaking 15 seconds 
    ・ Alternate foot ・ Chris cross 
     (17) Video 45 seconds 
    ・ Breaking 15 seconds 
    ・ Mummy kicks (Video 22) 45 seconds 
    · break 15 seconds 
    · double jump 45 seconds 
    · break 15 seconds 
    · 2 minutes break Total training time: 35 minutes

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