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  • Symptoms to Consult a Doctor-Don’t Miss Its Warning Signs

    Seven Symptoms to Consult a Doctor-Don’t Miss Its Warning Signs

    If you have a severe headache that was struck by thunder, do not hesitate to go to the emergency hospital.

    “There are a lot of things I need to concentrate on, such as my work and my family, but I can not help but …”, have you ever been afflicted by such strange symptoms that you can not explain ? At this time, it will be divided into a person who is not worried about it and a person who doesn’t care so much (some people get rid of it by drinking alcohol but there is a person who can do it by self-treatment …) .

     And I think that such symptoms may last for a long time or may appear suddenly. At that time, it may be better to take it seriously rather than just thinking and saying “nothing”.

     ”If you have symptoms suddenly, you should be careful,” said Dr. Nate Fabini , a San Francisco internist and chief medical officer for Forward Primary Care .  ”If you have any symptoms that make you feel anxious, call your doctor and call them. You should immediately decide whether you should go to the emergency hospital or make a reservation for a medical examination.” , Dr. Fabini will continue to talk.  Be aware also that fear can cause irreparable consequences if you do not receive the necessary treatment because of fear. We recommend that you consult your doctor immediately if you have the following symptoms: There may be nothing wrong. However, it is better to be cautious …

    severe headache

     ”In this case, Dr. Fabini says that the response depends on the situation.”

     ”The headache has been going on for a while … In such cases, it may be good to go to the hospital after seeing something, but if the most severe headache in your life, like being struck by lightning, suddenly happens, Let’s go to the emergency hospital right away, as it may be a symptom of intracerebral hemorrhage and stroke … ”he explains.

     Also, age seems to be related. If you start to have a headache after you are 50 years old, he says he needs attention.

     ”It is rare in my experience that migraine headaches occur after this age. If you already have migraine headaches, the way you feel pain changes, the pain gets worse, and the frequency increases. If you do, be sure to receive a doctor’s consultation. “

    sudden deafness

     ”The most common cause is harmless stuff such as earwax and water after the shower. Let’s check for these factors first,” Dr. Fabini recommends. .

     ”But if you can not hear your ears, it may be due to a serious illness. There may be a tumor of the nerves or multiple sclerosis. Sudden deafness is a symptom of a highly urgent illness. Some things are rare, but the possibility of a stroke symptom can not be abandoned … “continues.

     Contact your doctor, explain your symptoms and ask if you should go to the emergency hospital.

    stomach upset and stomachache

     Even though I’m not gaining weight, the buttons on my jeans don’t close … don’t overlook these symptoms.

     ”If, in addition to a feeling of fullness, there is a persistent pain in the upper center of the abdomen (near the groove), there is a possibility of a gastric ulcer,” he explains.

     He also talks about other possibilities.

     ”If the lower right side of the abdomen is sore, it may be appendicitis. The fever will be one of the symptoms. With a feeling of fullness, nausea, diarrhea, feeling of fullness and eating can not be eaten, what If you are experiencing symptoms such as weight loss if you do not have it, there may be signs of cancer. Please give your doctor a detailed explanation of your symptoms. “


     I think dizziness is usually transient. Dehydration or rotational dizziness (a feeling that the room is spinning) may be due to problems with the inner ear.

     ”It’s fine when you’re lying, but if you get up and get dizzy , you’re probably at risk of dehydration ,” said Dr. Fabini.

     ”But dizziness with hemorrhage should be careful. If the head is tilted to the left and right, if the dizziness becomes worse, it is not a rotational dizziness. In that case, as with the sporadic dizziness, the neurological cause is As we may need emergency treatment, we also have to check if there are no symptoms of stroke,”he notes.

     In addition, if you feel a dizziness after head injury or if you hit your head recently, please go to the emergency hospital immediately.

    urination disorder

     ”There is a possibility of tumor-induced nerve damage or disc herniation,” he said.

     First, let’s drink a lot of water. If you still can not get urine, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

    back pain

     ”If the pain is so severe that it is accompanied by a feeling of weakness or the range of pain is wide, you may need to be careful,” says Dr. Fabini.

     ” If you have back pain and can not control your excretion, you may have a pressure on your nerves due to a mass or an infection on your back joints …”

     If these symptoms are seen, you should go to the emergency hospital immediately.

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