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  • Garmin, GPS running watch “Fore Athlete” 32g lightweight model

    Garmin, GPS running watch “Fore Athlete” 32g lightweight model

    Garmin Japan (hereinafter, Garmin) announced the “Fore Athlete 45” (2 colors) and “Fore  Athlete 45S” (2 colors) as new products of the GPS running watch “Fore Athlete” series on the 18th. The reservation starts from July 25 and the sale starts from August 1. Both prices are 24,800 yen(Approx USD229.97) (excluding tax).
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    This Fore Athlete series is a running watch that has 36g for “Fore Athlete 45” and 32g for “Fore Athlete 45S” and has a training function as a runner and a function for ordinary health management.
    As a running watch, in addition to recording the pace and distance of running using GPS, it is also possible to measure heart rate and measure Vo2Max, which is an index for measuring fitness level. The personal features of the GARMIN COACH app also provide a free training plan that can be tailored to the expert coach’s advice and user goals.

    In the life log function, measured values ​​such as the number of steps per day, distance, calorie consumption, and stress level are displayed on the watch in an easy-to-see manner. A new feature is the relaxation breathing timer, which provides several minutes of breathing guidance when you feel stressed.
    In addition, the Body Battery function, which detects heart rate fluctuations (HRV) etc. to determine the energy level of the body, can measure the amount of energy stored per day, so that the time for activities and rest can be maximized 1 It is said that you can make a plan of the day.
    In addition, in conjunction with the smartphone, SNS text notification and safety and tracking function that can send the current location in real time to emergency contacts, etc ..

    Body size and weight

    Fore Athlete 45 W42 × W 42 × D 11.4mm, 36g. Fore Athlete 45S W39.5 × H39.5 × D 11.4 mm, 32 g. Display brightness is 208 x 208 pixels / color, battery life is up to 7 days in smartwatch mode, up to 11 hours in GPS mode. Waterproof function is 50m waterproof. Communication function is Bluetooth, ANT +, Wi-Fi. Satellite positioning is GPS, MICHIBIKI (complementary signal), GLONASS, Galileo.

    Fore Athlete 45 is available in two colors, Black and Lava Red, and Fore Athlete 45S is available in two colors, White and Iris.

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