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  • Smart fitness products bring to our health

    Smart fitness products bring to our health

    Geturtips: Smart Fitness products have made our trainings more motivated than ever before, but there are still many talks that could revolutionize the way we think about health in the future.

    Almost everyone I met recently seemed to have a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or similar wireless activity meter. These devices and apps are great for maintaining motivation, tracking fitness levels and weight.
    The data obtained from this can be easily moved between apps and devices via a centralized database like Apple’s health apps, so the health and fitness status of the individual can be virtualized (some limits Can be expressed).
    Surprisingly, these revolutions are just beginning. Technology has changed the way we communicate, study and create. And now it is time to see how fitness products redefine the future of exercise and health.

    Renewed fitness products

    It’s amazing to know how much data is collected from accessories like Fitbit , Garmin and smart watches, and from home fitness products that can connect to the internet. But think about what happens if you attach a sensor or measuring device to an existing exercise equipment. It may be more amazing.

    Smart shoes

    Shoes are one of the basic parts of fitness products, but they are also the most important exercise products you have invested in. Getting the best shoes will be a practice for half marathon as it plays a great role in correct walking, exercise support, skill advancement, injury prevention etc. but let your pet dog walk at night It will be a case, but it is very important for you.
    Imagine shoes that teach you the patterns of walking, the amount of power you’re using, when to make new adjustments, and create a virtual map of your walk.
    As well as physical properties, let’s imagine a wide range of use cases, like Lechal footwear. Lechal provides shoes and insoles that connect to Google Maps using Bluetooth. By programming your route before you leave the house, your shoes vibrate every time you come to a turn, freeing you from having to check your smartphone while walking or running. Lechal’s shoes can count steps more accurately than a pedometer worn on the wrist, calculate walking distance, and be programmed to keep moving at a set pace.

    Professional sports equipment

    For athletes specific to a particular sport, thorough feedback on specific behaviors and skills is key to improvement.
    For these athletes, the development of fitness technology such as FWD Powershot (Hockey Training System Tracker) may be the best way to get information on play and ability. Powershot software can be installed on any existing hockey stick, analyze the form of speed, angle, weight transfer, and player shots and transfer it to the Powershot mobile app via Bluetooth for easy viewing Will
    For hockey and other sports, having this kind of information at hand is useful for improving form and performance. If you get instant feedback on the performance during a big game or exercise, the level of amateur and professional sports players will change significantly.

    Video feedback

    The ideal is to have a coach who gives you personal feedback, but being able to monitor and check your form can be a great help in training your body effectively and safely.
    Samsung’s SMART TV gives more effective visual feedback than checking your posture with a window reflection or a small mirror in time with the free exercise videos on YouTube (you guys?) Provide a great way to
    SMART TV’s Fitness VOD app is designed to display individual training plans from various routines to reach goals. The setup also includes a mirror-like view of the movements of the same movements as the instructor, using the camera attached to the television. This will help you understand where you need to improve, recognize what you are doing, and get great feedback on your exercises.
    Consider how far this technology will advance. In addition to projecting your image on the screen, you will be able to accurately measure your posture with a 3D scanner and immediately get feedback on the form.

    Data collection

    One of the great things about the advancement of fitness technology is that a large amount of data is being collected. This data can be incredibly useful information in all aspects of your health and fitness. However, there is still the issue of properly classifying data and making it easier to organize and use data.

    Activity and sleep tracking

    As mentioned above, activity meters have become quite commonplace, especially since iOS 8 has made it possible to use all iPhones from 5S onwards as pedometers.
    Exercise is important for brain and body health and reduces various health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and stroke. In addition, many activity meters, such as Fitbit Surge, also have the ability to record sleep, another important factor in physical and mental health.
    There are many ways to use Fitbit creatively, but the basic functionality is still the most important. Knowing exactly how you move your body and how much sleep you have can have a profound effect on maintaining and improving your daily activity levels.
    In the future, the data obtained from these trackers will be very useful for the treatment of chronic diseases caused by lack of exercise and sleep. This data will also be used in electronic medical settings to provide doctors and healthcare professionals with good information about patient habits and well-being.

    Body and health analysis

    It is almost impossible to truly objectively understand the condition of the body or how healthy it is. It is difficult for anyone to plan and execute exercise plans to reach their goals, as everyone tends to be more overwhelmed than actually about the best parts they need and the parts they need to improve.
    Scales like Withings Smart Body Analyzer measure the weight and body fat percentage, heart rate and send information to an app that can monitor trends in long-term health status, so it is very good for daily health status It will provide information. This is especially helpful for those who want to increase muscle mass. The reason is that muscles are heavier than fats, weight scales alone can only tell that they are heavy, and they can not know the loss of body fat.
    However, just as current digital scales can not be compared to smart scales, smart scales can only be part of the help if you want to measure or understand the health of different shapes.
    In the future, with a measurement system that can take into account not only the body fat percentage, but also the accurate virtual display and figures of the body, it will be possible to set exactly where fitness goals should be placed.

    Ask the true value of fitness technology

    The endlessly collected data can be tremendous, but if it can not be used effectively, it will not be useful unless it can be used in combination between devices, for example. If the next generation of fitness technology can use the data already collected effectively, it will be able to do just about anything.

    Research redefinition

    Currently, the biggest challenges facing health and exercise research are funding and raising access to data access participants. With fitness equipment that can measure every aspect of your health, these pieces of information may help you in your medical, health, and fitness research.
    The foundation for this kind of collaboration is on Apple’s Open Source ResearchKit . ResearchKit has a lot of possibilities, but it is not yet a perfect system. And there are many concerns of methodological research that must be addressed , but there is no end as long as there is potential for research.
    These areas will progress more rapidly if funding and accessibility limitations can be removed. The more information you can get from research, the faster and better your fitness skills will be.

    Virtual coaching

    Easy access to data and research information will also increase the ability of real or virtual coaches. Personally, I don’t think there is anything that can be helped by an avid human coach, but I think there’s still room for improvement in the “virtual coaches” offered by many fitness apps.
    As fitness technology collects more and more data, the virtual coaches used in the program become more delicate, clear instructions and quick form adjustments can be made, and eventually it would be better to become a real coach rival ,I think.
    Besides, this information is integrated in the machine at the gym. This can be achieved without thinking about what weights to increase or how many sets to do, and may be able to provide training designed to meet the needs of people.

    Create an expert

    Coaches are a valuable and essential part of most fitness programs, but the value of future fitness techniques will be demonstrated by their own control. If you can access information about your fitness and be able to interpret and organize your data, it will stop.
    After all, it is only you who can change your body. Without motivation, ingenious skills and expert coaching do not make sense.
    Out-of-the-box data and fitness technology empowers not only athletes but also those who are watching TV to gain control of their own health and fitness. They will teach you the fitness methods and levels that suit your specific needs.

    Future fitness techniques can show people the potential to achieve their goals safely, well, and health. Currently, people are just unaware of the possibilities of their bodies and what exercises and exercises spread them. Fitness technology has the potential to make every person an expert on their own body. This may completely change the future of modern society.

    What is the future of fitness?

    Now it’s a delicate balance. Fitness equipment and health tracking techniques are fun, but you can also lose the fun of a casual basketball game or jogging to clean up your head. Most people will be motivated by accessing all their health data, but some will find it just a task. Do you use any technology now? How exciting will the fitness skills be in the future?

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