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  • Gluten-free diet: A sensible diet?

    Gluten-free diet: A sensible diet?

    Gluten-free diet  

    Eating without gluten – a sensible diet?

    Once again, a new diet trend from Hollywood reaches us: Through gluten-free diet, the pounds should tumble. But what about the weight loss method and is it healthy at all?

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    What is gluten?

    Gluten is a so-called gluten protein, which occurs in some cereals such as wheat spelled and durum wheat. It ensures, for example, that an elastic mass is created when mixing cereal flour with water. For baking, the dough gets a loose structure and becomes juicy. However, gluten is also used as a binder in industrially manufactured products, including products in which one initially does not suspect it, such as ketchup, chocolate or ice cream, reports the “Fit for Fun”. The gluten-free cereals include millet, corn and rice.

    How does a diet without gluten work?

    People who suffer from a chronic disease of the small intestine (celiac disease), do not tolerate the protein. It triggers inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. Abdominal pain and diarrhea are the result. For this reason, sufferers have to pay attention to a gluten-free diet throughout their lifetime. Accordingly, in the meantime more and more products are offered in the trade that are free of this protein. About one percent of the population is affected by this chronic disease, according to the “Fit for Fun”.
    For healthy people, a gluten-free diet offers no benefits. Nevertheless, various Hollywood stars swear by such a diet for diet purposes. Accordingly, the willingness to lose weight on corresponding products. They cut out pasta, bread and other pasta from their diet. Instead, gluten-free foods such as fruits and vegetables, gluten-free cereals or specially prepared products are served on the plate. In such a diet should quickly disappear a few pounds – at least the tenor of Hollywood-known.

    Is a gluten-free diet healthy?

    Nutrition experts are, however, not very enthusiastic about this trend: diet expert Sven-David Müller calls gluten-free diet according to “image” as “nonsense” and even “morally wrong” when a diet is developed from an illness.Moreover, those who switch to gluten-free diets without necessity do not necessarily lose weight: Because foods without gluten-free protein often contain more calories and salt than conventional products, according to “Fit for Fun”. Rather, such a diet carries the risk of deficiency symptoms, for example in vitamin D and K, because the diet is unnecessarily limited.
    A healthy and balanced diet is characterized by variety instead. According to the fitness magazine, the fact that the Hollywood stars have nevertheless successfully succumbed at best to the fact that they would have been more aware of themselves. Gluten-free foods have no positive influence on this and are only recommended for celiac disease patients.

    That’s the perfect diet for weight loss, according to researchers

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