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  • Ginger tea: Slimming with the slimming agent recipe

    Ginger tea: Slimming with the slimming agent – the right preparation
    Healthy spice  

    Ginger tea: Slimming with the slimming agent

    Ginger can help you lose weight. Because the spice is known to boost metabolism. Exactly this property is very beneficial in a diet. In the form of tea or ginger water, the drink can contribute to weight loss in two ways: by burning calories and helping the body to eliminate toxins and pollutants.

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    Effect: ginger tea as a hydration

    When losing weight , it helps a lot to drink. That recommends almost every diet. Without water our body does not work, it needs it especially for the metabolism. Toxins and pollutants are excreted via the kidneys with the help of fluid. If there is not enough water, dangerous substances may remain in the body and can cause damage.
    Exactly such substances are produced during fat burning . To transport them out of the body as quickly as possible, you should drink enough liquid. Ginger tea can not only serve as a water supplier, but also bring the metabolism to bustle, which burns extra calories.

    How does ginger help lose weight?

    Of course you can not lose weight just by drinking ginger tea. A proper diet includes a conscious diet and lots of exercise. But the spice tea can help you on the way to the desired weight . The spicy substances in the ginger increase the operating temperature of the body and thus noticeably accelerate the metabolism – similar to Chilli. 
    This effect was confirmed in a study by Columbia University in New York. The digestion of fat in the intestine is also promoted by ginger. The spice stimulates the production of gastric acid, which makes other foods quicker and easier to digest. All of these processes help to eliminate more waste products from the body. Ginger tea and ginger water also have a detoxifying effect.

    The preparation of ginger tea

    Ginger tea is available in bags. But you can also buy the tuber fresh and prepare your own tea. When buying, look for the appearance and consistency of the ginger tubers: they should be light brown in color and firm and firm. If the tuber is soft or smells musty, keep your hands off it.If you have a fresh ginger root at home:

    1.    Cut two to three slices of it – that’s enough for a whole teapot.
    2.    Pour the slices over with boiling water and let the tea soak for five to ten minutes depending on taste.
    3.    Ginger is relatively aromatic and may even be too hot for one or the other. Therefore, take time to get used to the tea and let it initially pull only briefly.
    4.    With a dash of lemon juice, you can taste the tea, some honey gives it a slight sweetness.
    5.    The tea can be drunk warm and cold.

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