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  • Am i overweight ? overweight treatment

    What really helps against overweight

    Reward yourself differently  
    What really helps against overweight
    Some are overweight in the genes, others feed wrongly. To lose weight permanently is difficult – and not always a matter of will. What can help: vegetables, protein and a few psychological tricks.
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    Getting rid of chewed-up weight is not that easy. It is particularly difficult for people who use food as an emotion manager, says Klotter. Who eats, because he is angry or sad, who has a lack of impulse control, usually can not just decide to stop. There are psychotherapeutic tricks asked. For example, in a cravings attack, it can help replace food with a walk or relaxation exercise.

    Overweight due to health problems

    However, Matthias Riedl, nutritionist and specialist in diabetology and internal medicine, also knows physical reasons that make the topic of weight aburden. “Hormonal disorders such as thyroid disease can make losing weight difficult.” Even medications such as insulin, cortisone, beta-blockers or psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants promote weight gain. Sometimes it is also in the family. As Riedl explains, the metabolic rate that humans consume in peace is genetic and varies in each family.
    Those who carry too much weight with them, Riedl advises to look for support through the expert pool of the Professional Association of Oecotrophology or the Professional Association of German Nutritionists. So sufferers find an expert who helps them lose weight. Because nutritional advice is not a protected term, warns Ingrid Acker from the board of the professional association for Oecotrophologie.
    At least in part, however, the overweight person must bear the costs of such advice himself. If he attends a prevention course, he may receive a subsidy from his health insurance. And at least with very high obesity, the doctor can recommend a nutritional therapy. If such a certificate is available, some take over a cash register up to 100 percent. The health insurance companies manage that differently.

    A dining diary can be helpful

    Acker’s first recommendation to her patients is always the dining diary. In it, the person concerned notes what he eats and when. One word that the expert does not want to hear is change of diet: “That sounds like I’m just putting a switch over.” But nutrition is a dynamic process. “What is important to me, where can I say no, what can I reduce, what eating habits still fit in with me and my life?” These questions should be asked first.
    Nutrition psychologist Klotter also follows this approach: “What can I do without being too painful? Do I really have to eat a piece of cake with my colleagues every afternoon?” Because: as soon as the renunciation costs too much effort, it does not work. Klotter advises to take small steps – neither to be challenged nor overwhelmed. “Our limbic system demands reward,” he says. And food is the simplest form of reward.
    If you do without it, you have to offer body and mind a substitute: read a good book or meet with friends. Or to replace quantity with quality: rather two noble chocolates than a bar of chocolate.

    Radical diets are the wrong way

    “When people say I try everything and do not lose weight, it’s often because they’re trying to do the wrong thing,” says nutritionist Riedl. “Restrictive diets like eating half or cabbage diets are nonsense.” The body needs a species-appropriate diet in order to lose weight permanently.
    Appropriateto the species means: vegetables or nuts as much as you want, enough protein, not too much meat and carbohydrates . “Anyone who eats pasta and bread all day keeps his insulin levels high and gets pretty thick,” explains Riedl. Good fats like avocado or olive oil should therefore replace carbohydrates and animal fats as often as possible.
    If the obesity is too high, the person concerned can also start with a protein-rich formula diet. This way, a feeling of success sets in faster, and the motivation does not sink into the cellar.
    Who wants to find out whether he should lose weight, by the way, does not have to take his own nose, but rather to the stomach. Its scope is crucial, says Riedl. For women, the maximum is below 88 centimeters, for men under 102. “We call all this obesity, ” says Riedl. “Because the fat that makes us sick sits in the middle of the body.”

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