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  • Metabolic workout helps you lose weight tips

    Metabolism Training: Do you have a good digestion?

    Do you have a good metabolism?

    How a metabolic workout helps you lose weight

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    Metabolic Workout plan and proper diet really work to lose weight

    Losing pounds and staying slim is the goal of many people. But losing weight is not so easy. Important is a good metabolism. A metabolic workout can help here.

    Recognize good metabolism

    If you want to know what your metabolism (metabolism) is, you should pay attention to the following five signs:

    Stool Problems

    If your metabolism is well-trained and healthy, it will also have a positive effect on your digestion. In case of frequent constipation or diarrhea you should be active.

    Bad sleep

    If you are often cut off and tired, this can be a sign of slow metabolism. Adequate and quality sleep, also improves your metabolism.


    Sensitive If you have a poor metabolism, you tend to feel cold. People with healthy bowel function are usually warmer – they freeze less.

    Cravings Food

    cravings or poor appetite can be signs of poor metabolism. By contrast, if you eat well, you provide your body with sufficient energy and nutrients. This also supports your digestion and your metabolism.

    Rapid Weight

    Gain If you gain weight fast, it may be due to sluggish metabolism. If your metabolism is very active and healthy, your weight will remain stable. Possible energy reserves are immediately passed on to the muscles with a good metabolism and not stored as a fat depot. Accordingly, a good metabolism also supports weight loss.

    Two fuels, different effects

    Beginners often go wrong when losing weight . Many think that the harder and harder they train, the more weight they have to lose. But mainly the carbohydrate metabolism is stimulated.

    But to lose weight, the fat burning must be intensified. Therefore, the metabolic training is mostly based on endurance exercises at moderate heart rates. A good formula for fat burning is: (220 – age) x 0.6 = heart rate at which most of the fat is burned. It would be even better to have the pulse range determined in a medical test, in which most depot fat is reduced.

    Enzymes and hormones help with weight loss

    Norepinephrine, known as the stress hormone, is responsible for producing numerous enzymes in the body. These enzymes stimulate fat burning. Training sessions should take at least 25 to 30 minutes, as enough enzymes are produced only after about 20 minutes to achieve a positive effect.

    Care should be taken that the pulse is always around the personally determined ideal value. Sports such as swimming , jogging, cycling or walking are best suited to control this value.

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