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  • Stimulate the metabolism with these 5 tips!

    Stimulate the metabolism with these 5 tips!

    How to boost metabolism | Metabolism Booster

    Many people want to stimulate their metabolism – but why actually? EAT SMARTER explains in detail what a good metabolism favors and how you can use these five tricks to boost your metabolism.

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    Why should one stimulate the metabolism?

    Metabolism refers to all the biochemical processes that take place in our cells, such as breaking down nutrients from food, providing energy when the body needs it, or transporting waste matter out of the organism. For this purpose, the body uses both nutrients that we supply to it, as well as already created reserves.
    Digestion is often equated with metabolism , but it is only a precursor of metabolic processes. There is not just one metabolism, but many different ones, including sugar metabolism, protein metabolism and fat metabolism that deals with fat cells.
    Important for the metabolic process are hormones and enzymes, as it is controlled by the hormone and nervous system. The most important metabolic organ is the liver. Sometimes, however, the metabolism is too slow and does not work properly – hypothyroidism could be behind it.
    In this case, a metabolic cure may be recommended to get it going again and help you lose weight.
    The better the metabolism, the more energy one has. People with a “good” metabolism are good feeders. In addition, with a good metabolism – as the metabolism is scientifically called – it is easier to lose weight and maintain weight.

    EAT SMARTER will show you how to use these five tips to stimulate your metabolism. 

    1. Drink a lot to activate metabolism

    With water you support your digestion and increase your metabolic rate. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends to take about 2.7 liters of water a day, of which about 1.5 liters of drinks. According to a research series of the Berlin Charité 500 milliliters of water already increase energy consumption by 24 percent for the next 60 minutes  .
    Those who drink water instead of sugary drinks automatically absorb less calories and are more likely to maintain or maintain a healthy weight. If you drink water about half an hour before eating, you also eat less, because you feel fuller. According to one study, this led to 44 percent more weight loss during a diet (eg, the metabolic diet)  .
    The drinking water can thus provide for the stimulation of the metabolism. Cold water is even more effective for boosting your metabolism, as the body needs to spend more energy to warm it up to body temperature.
    Also Green Tea and coffee are known fat burner and can boost your metabolism. Green tea helps convert fat into free fatty acids in the body, increasing fat burning by 10 to 17 percent.
    This effect is also attributed to coffee, but it is more effective in lean people than in the obese, as a study showed  .

    2. Eating spicy and high in protein stimulates the metabolism

    Eating can push your metabolism for a few hours. This effect is called TEF, the Thermic Effect of Food, which describes the extra energy that the body needs to apply to digest and process the nutrients in a meal.
    For proteins , the body needs the most energy and so you can boost your metabolism by 15 to 30 percent. Carbohydrates have a low nutrient density and stimulate metabolism only by five to ten percent, fat even by only zero to three percent .
    Proteins are generally recommended during a weight loss phase as they saturate, counteract the breakdown of muscle mass and prevent the yo-yo effect
    Adding spicy food to your meal is even better for your metabolism: spicy foods such as chili peppers contain capsaicin and are true fat burners . This alkaloid causes a heat or sharpness in the body and can stimulate the metabolism  .
    To achieve this positive effect, however, a dose is needed that not all people can tolerate. In one study, a tolerable amount of hot pepper was added to each dish, burning ten kilocalories more per meal. However, it takes about 6.5 years to lose half a kilo .
    Alone spicy spices are therefore not very effective, in combination with other foods, but they can certainly show their effect and stimulate the metabolism. In addition, the amino acid tyrosine should be good for the metabolism, as it contributes to the performance.

    3. Stimulate metabolism with coconut oil

    Coconut oil contains more medium chain fatty acids than most oils. Medium-chain fatty acids can stimulate the metabolism more than long-chain fats (such as in butter). According to one study, the basal metabolic rate is even increased by twelve percent, while long-chain fats could stimulate this only by four percent.
    Thus, according to these studies, it may be beneficial to use more coconut oil   .
    Nevertheless, the coconut oil should be enjoyed only in moderation, since the ratio of fatty acids is unfavorable: The proportion of saturated fatty acids is 90 percent. These can increase the risk of lipid metabolism disorders as well as cardiovascular diseases and even breast cancer  .

    4. Sport boosts metabolism

    Exercise can increase the basal metabolic rate . With increasing muscle also increases the basal metabolic rate and energy consumption. As weight loss as well as muscle mass is lost when losing weight, it is even more important to balance this with sport. The DGE recommends about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.
    But do not just make endurance sports, but also strength training, because the lean muscle mass is crucial for a customer success.
    Some studies have shown that strength training is one of the most effective types of exercise to build muscle and optimize metabolism. The best results are achieved when stamina and strength training are combined  .
    Studies have now shown that a HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) is particularly good for the metabolism, as the afterburn effect is the strongest compared to other sports.
    This means that even after exercise, the metabolism remains elevated. In addition, the HIIT training, which is alternately trained on the highest intensity and short, relaxing intervals, promotes the burning of fat and thus the tipping of the kilos   .
    In a twelve-week research series, the male volunteers who routinely did HIIT workouts lost two kilograms of body weight and 17 percent of belly fat  .
    Even small changes can already make an effect. Instead of sitting at work all day, you should occasionally get up or work standing up. According to a study, even a “stale afternoon” can burn up to 174 kilocalories (kcal) extra  .

    5. Sleep is good for the metabolism

    Sleep affects the metabolism positively. Here the deep, coherent  sleep ismost important during the first three hours of sleep . A disturbed or too short sleep can lead to obesity and generally has a negative impact on the metabolism.
    Poor sleep behavior has been shown to increase blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Both can lead to diabetes disease lead  .
    Sufficient sleep is also important for athletes because the muscles that have been exposed to a training stimulus during exercise are regenerated during sleep.
    Poor sleep can also stimulate the hunger hormone ghrelin and simultaneously the saturation hormone decrease leptin. This may explain why people suffering from sleep deprivation are often hungry and have difficulty losing weight  .
    But what can you do if you suffer from sleep disorders?
    “Commonly used in sleeping disorders are non-medical measures called sleep hygiene: some common rules are: get up early in the morning at regular times, do not go to bed until tired in the evening, exercise regularly, but not before Sleep, a quiet, cool environment to sleep in, no caffeine, heavy food or alcohol in the evening, relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation often help, “says sleep doctor Dr. med. Neele Pudelsky.
    “Only if these methods do not help, a therapy with sleeping pills should be considered, but only in consultation with the attending physician.” Who suffers from long-lasting sleep problems, should clarify whether any disease such as the Restless Legs syndrome or sleep apnea syndrome The cause of the problem is that many medical and psychiatric illnesses can also lead to insomnia. “Pudelski continues.

    Knowledge to take away

    So you can stimulate your metabolism in a natural way:
    1. Drink a lot of water! This can stimulate the metabolism and help you lose weight. Green tea or coffee can also boost metabolism effectively.
    2. Also eat a lot of proteins . The body needs more energy to process proteins than they deliver themselves – they also stay full for a long time and prevent too much muscle from breaking down. In addition, spicing up the meals can also stimulate the metabolism.
    3. Coconut oil may, according to some studies, stimulate the metabolism. However, since it contains many saturated fatty acids, it should only be consumed in moderation.
    4. Exercise increases the metabolic rate. A mix of strength and endurance training is the most effective way to lose weight – especially HIIT workouts are great for stimulating your metabolism and burning fat
    5. Sufficient sleep  is important for a good metabolism. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, can trigger a stronger feeling of hunger, cause weight problems and even lead to diabetes in the worst case. 

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