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  • What is Noom Diet Plan

    Losing weight: This is how the Noom diet works

    Just another diet app or a groundbreaking concept? Find out what’s up with the trendy new slimming plan “Noom” here.
    Diet trends come and go. While 2018 was clearly the year of the keto diet , 2019 will probably be the year of the Noom diet. 

    what is Noom App diet plan and reviews how noom app work

    More than 47 million people around the world already use the weight loss app, which some refer to as “weight watchers for millennials.”
    Never heard of Noom? No problem: Here you will learn everything you need to know. 

    What exactly is the Noom diet?

    “Noom exists exclusively as an app . Her focus is on behavioral changes in the choice of food and workouts, “says nutritionist Rania Batayneh to Shape .
    “You start with a quick online quiz that answers questions about your own weight loss goals and preferred exercise style,” Batayneh continues, the principle being similar to Weight Watchers (nowknown as WW) , except that Loom does not award points, but food judged by the traffic light colors.
    “Each of our users has a personalized calorie budget based on age, sex, activity level, and other factors,” says Adam Fawer of Noom Low-calorie foods are “green” and are said to account for most of the diet, while “yellow” foods moderately consumed and “red” should be consumed only sparingly.

    Examples of the different categories

    •          apples
    •          coffee
    •          The egg whites of eggs
    •          Low-fat yoghurt
    •          oatmeal
    •          Skimmed milk and nutmilk
    •          sweet potatoes
    •         tomatoes


    •          avocados
    •          beans
    •         beer
    •          eggs
    •          Grilled poultry
    •          seafood
    •          Hummus
    •         Low-fat cheese
    •         quinoa


    •          beef
    •          bacon
    •          cake
    •          fries
    •          Cream cheese
    •         Pizza
    •          nut butters
    •          Wine

    “This color coding takes into account both the quantity and the quality of food,” explains Fawer. “Red foods are also thought to account for a small proportion (about 25 percent) of daily caloric intake.”
    Noom’s “All-For-All” strategy allows users to put a healthy diet on high-calorie foods that they particularly like, and to control exactly what they eat, they need to provide the app with food-intake information every day You are also encouraged to work out for a certain amount of time, and the app also includes brief information blocks on nutrition, fitness, health and wellness.

    What makes Noom so different?

    According to Fawer, “The basic idea behind the app is that you can not just walk away from a bad diet .” Noom was founded by two entrepreneurs who not only wanted to help people lose weight, but also tackle the problem of weight loss, the developers Petakov and According to Jeong, these are psychologically anchored patterns of behavior. 
    “One of the main differences between WW and Noom is that at Noom each user has a personal health coach who can answer questions, give tips and keep them up to date. You also have access to a group chat, “explains Batayneh.
    “And because motivation is a key component of behavioral change, the app encourages users to rate their own motivation on a scale of one to five,” the expert continues, “Noom’s Fawer explains that coach and user” then work together and incorporate current habits, taste preferences, and psychological factors to create a plan that will make small positive changes every day and establish healthier habits over the long term. “

    Who belongs to the coaching team?

    There remains the question of what kind of people it is in the advisory coaches. According to the company, Noom coaches are going through a so-called “noomiversity”, a training program that prepares the coaches for the advice of the customers.
    To qualify for noomiversity, coaches must have an academic degree and a health certificate (eg nurse, paramedic or pharmacy technician) or 2,000 or more hours as a personal trainer, group trainer or yoga instructor.
    “In addition to this initial basic education, the coaches participate in continuing education opportunities, including seminars on nutrition,” says Fawer.

    Is the diet worth a try?

    Noom is helpful if you want to lose weight but do not want to attend face-to-face meetings. For weight loss, the app could actually help, as a study from 2016 has shown. The research found that the Noom app resulted in weight loss for 78 percent of users over a nine-month period. However, further scientific studies are needed before long-term statements can be made.
    “Like everything that is relatively new, Noom attracts attention. However, users need to be motivated and willing to accurately record their meals and physical activities and read related material themselves, “says nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix.
    “Personally, I’m not a fan of dividing into good and bad foods. While I agree with the long green list of fruits and vegetables, I would never rate low-nutrient foods such as nuts and seeds as having more calories than other foods, “the expert said. 

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