TRUME Active new work on Epson’s analog chronograph

Active new work on Epson’s analog chronograph “TRUME”

Trume complete information is here.A new product  will be released on July 25 from the watch brand “TRUME (Toroom)” that Epson deals with. Inspired by MARINE (Marine) and Yacht (Yacht), it is a new model of “M Collection”.

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The first version of TRUME will be launched in September 2017, a brand that is still young. Like Epson, who specializes in sensor technology and precise manufacturing, the functions of TRUME‘s watch are clogged. Specifically, GPS, time zone and time acquisition by MICHIBIKI satellite, world time, barometric pressure, altitude sensor, direction sensor etc. The driving force is photovoltaic power generation, and it can be charged sufficiently even with the brightness of the room light.

This new work is 2 models. The TR-MB7011 is an ocean blue theme of the ocean, and the TR-MB7010 is an engine color theme derived from traditional canvas colors and familiar to yachtmen. Each color was treated with a dial ring and a band. Both models have a tax-exclusive price of 240,000 yen, which is limited to 200 domestically limited models.

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The case material is titanium, and the case size is 57.2 mm long x 46.3 mm wide x 15.5 mm thick, the windshield is sapphire glass on both sides non-reflective coating, and the waterproof performance is 10 atm. The band material is cordura ballistic nylon, and a Houien chrome excel leather band is attached as a replacement. In addition, the original “T2 font” is adopted for the Arabic numerals of the dial and bezel, and it is said that it pursues a sense of tool like visibility and a watch.
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TRUME exchange band present campaign

The original exchange band is presented to the user who purchased the target model of TRUME. The exchange band was supervised by Color Yacht / Motorboat magazine [Kazi].

Trume watch Belt Replaceble and exchangble
There are two types of gift exchange bands: “Outer: Black, Lining: Bordeaux, Stitch: White” and “Outer: Navy, Lining: Gray, Stitch: Red x White”. It becomes the first arrival of each 150 pieces (a total of 300 pieces). The outline is as follows, but refer to the campaign site for details.
·                   Period for purchase: July 11, 2019 to January 15, 2020
·                   Application period: July 11, 2019 to January 31, 2020
·                   Target model: c · 5008 · 5009 · 7005 · 7008 · 7009 · 7010 · 7011 (only pull-in band adoption model)

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