Best Japanese Green Teas and Chinese Reviews and Tests

Best Japanese Green Teas and Chinese Reviews and Tests

best green tea to weight loss and health
Asian civilizations are no longer the only ones able to benefit from the virtues of green tea. The use of this plant(green tea) is democratized as many individuals wish to find the best green tea. On the other hand, the scientific research that has been carried out confirms its therapeutic and medicinal benefits . However, the benefits are not limited to these levels.
With the different varieties of green tea sold on the market, it is difficult to find the ideal product for you.
That’s why our team decided to study various products in order to identify their potential and their weak point to help you choose. Indeed, not all green teas will satisfy every type of person and every need. This is to say that by drinking the wrong green tea, a situation can get worse. Similarly, if you do not know how to respect the dosage or the preparation, some properties will be modified . In addition, some parameters make it very difficult to buy. We will develop these points in this article.
Our opinion on the best green teas
Japanese high-end green tea
Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea – The best tea in Japan – Flavor Umami –
Our opinion:
The Gyokurobenefits from the Japanese preparation . It is sold in sheet format in an airtight bag and contains no dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors. Produced by the company ValleyofTea, there is no doubt about the compliance of this green tea.
Weighing 100g, it is infused to obtain a sweet and well balanced taste. Dried leaves can be stored in a sealed package if you are in no hurry to consume it.
Green tea DETOX BIO 200g – with mint, mate, dandelion …
Our opinion:
DETOX BIO 200g green tea is one of the simplest quality products. It is based on the variety Sencha , but available with natural flavors: rosemary, lemongrass, mint and others. Its weight of 200g allows a person to follow a cure up to 30 days. Its zip bag can be closed easily to properly condition it. Made in France by ChaBioThé, this DETOX green tea is certified organic and sold in bulk.
Organic green tea Sencha Bio 200g
Our opinion:
The Sencha green tea is one of the products after roasting during processing. That’s why its taste is more particular and bitter. Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes at 80 ° C, its virtues are guaranteed. This plant is cultivated in China and packaged in a doubled biodegradable bag to promote its conservation. Sencha green tea can be used for both hot tea and iced tea.
High-end Japanese organic matcha
Our opinion:
This Kumiko Matcha tea comes directly from Japan in a very ergonomic and aesthetic jar. It is 100% natural powder and is recommended for detoxification. Weighing 30g, 1 to 3 g is largely sufficient to give effect to each preparation. This Kumiko tea also improves memory and boosts your energy on a daily basis while strengthening the immune system. It can be diluted, whipped with other ingredients according to your preference.
Bancha Houjicha – Traditional grilled tea (Japan). CHAT® TEAS (box)
Our opinion:
This Bancha Houjicha or traditional Japanese grilled tea is famous forits caramelized texture when prepared. That’s why it’s not contraindicated for children. It can be drunk at any time without any risk. This is a French production of the brand Les Thés du Chat. Easy to keep and prepare, it is suitable for all budgets.

Kukicha Green Tea Twigs Japan – Premium (Karigané) – High quality Japanese bulk green tea – Native to Japan – Poor in caffeine – Delicately mixed with Sencha leaves
Our opinion:
The Kukicha green tea twigs Japan where Karigané is one of the only products of big brands sold in bulk. Its composition is low in caffeine and contains a delicate blend of Sencha. Karigané is developed by Japanese tea masters. In addition to the other classic virtues of green tea, it helps a lot to relax. It is sold in 100g and can be kept easily.

Green tea and its benefits

The green tea is an unoxidized tea which the plant comes mainly from China or Japan . He is known for his medicinal virtues against several diseases. Depending on the type, caffeine occupies between 1 and 5%. This substance has a reputation for being stimulating. There are also polyphenols that are well known for their antioxidant property.
Their percentage wobbles around 30% for all species. Xanthines, theobromine, flavonoids, vitamins B1, B2, C and K are also constituent elements of green tea. It helps to burn fat, activate metabolism, digestion, strengthen immunity, etc.
In what forms is green tea available?
You can find on the market: green tea in whole dried leaves, in sachets, soluble tea, fermented tea, powders, capsules and capsules . For each category, a dosage and / or a method of preparation are well prescribed, therefore to be respected.
There are even more appropriate moments to drink each type of green tea: the Gyokuru every morning, the Sencha every afternoon, the Bancha every evening, the Matcha: 2 to 4 times a week in the morning or afternoon. During warm seasons, you can also prepare Mizudashior Japanese iced green tea. In addition to the other benefits already known, it will be a source of refreshment. Obviously, these are just examples. Other varieties are available: Gesamt, Sonstige, Kabusecha and others.
What is the most consumed form?
Whatever the choice, benefits are to be enjoyed. However, Matcha is the most popular . Being a green tea powder, it brings important elements that are not extracted by an infusion preparation. They are insoluble ingredients with excellent detoxifying properties. Obviously, it will be necessary to supplement it with a little sport to eliminate all the toxins of the body.
You also have the choice between a green tea nature or flavored : mint, citrus, apple, …. It is mainly a matter of taste and flavor. Anyway, just choose natural flavors and not synthetic.
The contraindications of green tea
This plant does not have a toxic component, however it is not recommended for children and pregnant women because of its stimulating action. If you are an insomniac with high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmia, it is better to avoid consuming large quantities. Caffeine and vitamin C cause sleep problems. Similarly, flavonoids interfere with iron absorption if tea is drunk during meals. Even though it has a protective effect on the liver, cases of hepatitis have been detected in a few people. Since vitamin K is a major contributor to coagulation, it is ideal not to drink green tea when you are taking such treatments to prevent this vitamin from inhibiting the effectiveness of the latter.
Why prefer green tea to lose weight?
Many doctors recommend green tea to supplement slimming diets. Its antioxidant property helps remove cholesterol from the blood. At the same time, this faculty participates in the burning of fats.
The slimming power of green tea consumption has been proven by several scientific studies. The drink promotes digestion and basal metabolism. It allows you to lose weight in a healthy and simple way. By drinking 1 liter a day, the result is satisfactory after 15 days.
Green tea helps to prevent what diseases?
The consumption of green tea contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. By increasing the insulin response, the risk of type 2 diabetes decreases and disappears. Overall, the solution strengthens immunity and has various properties: anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antiviral, antibacterial, …. This plant contributes enormously to the healing of more than 60 diseases.
Choose preferably a green tea without pesticide BIO
Most plantations are treated with pesticides, herbicides or glyphosates. For growers, this is an important procedure to protect the plantation. To guarantee the reliability of the leaves, these products are certified organic. This weakens or eliminates even the risk of pollution. This is why the preparation of some green teas requires other steps.
Japanese green tea or Chinese green tea: quality differences? Disgust ?
Many consumers want to know the differences between Japanese green tea and Chinese green tea. Generally, it is the same plant: Camellia Sinensis . The nuances reside in the conditions of cultures as well as the procedures of transformations. In China, the leaves are dried using a traditional method. The flavor is then softer and its color more brown. In Japan, green tea is steamed and gives a more intense taste. Similarly, its texture is darker green. Regarding the price, the product of Chinese origin is more affordable as it is a major international tea exporter.

How to choose green tea?

In the wild, green teas have more than 3000 varieties. However, some of them are well known because their benefits have been discovered for centuries and others are proven recently by scientific research. Even among the best, making the right choice still seems difficult given the different criteria to take into account.
Which packaging solution to select? Instead, take green tea in bulk or in a bag?
If you think to prepare it when you arrive at home, it is better to prefer the leaves without packing. If it’s for many people, tea in bulk is more economical and more suitable. Powdered green tea is supplied in a dark, fresh packet. It can be stored for up to 12 months, less or longer depending on the manufacturer. Green teas contained in glass jars or stainless steel are more expensive and some require to be kept in the refrigerator. Anyway, the packaging is to choose according to the intended use.
Weight: for quantity and duration
40g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g and others, you will be spoiled for choice according to your needs. If it’s for you alone, you can limit yourself to 40g or 50g and buy it again regularly. The nature or flavored character will also influence the price.
Poor or rich in caffeine?
You already know the side effects of caffeine in case of bad consumption. Fortunately, you can buy green tea low in caffeine. Similarly, regarding the certification of the product, according to your preference there are some that are sold with a “certified” mention.
Green tea has become a very popular product thanks to its many virtues on the body. If in ancient times, its consumption was related to the culture of some Asian regions, today everyone can enjoy its benefits. We have found for you the best green teas on the market.
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of green tea helps you choose the right products and the right uses. However, its preparation and consumption require special attention so that its constituents do not become a nuisance for the body and also to avoid adverse effects. That’s why you have to know how to choose your product before you buy it. The best green tea is not the one everyone drinks, but it’s up to you to find yours.

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